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2019-2020 Local Project

Community Pet Therapy Program for Children with Disability in Queensland

Little Lives is partnering with Doggy Day Care Brisbane to bring pet therapy into the community.

Volunteer dogs will receive a specialized intensive training course at no cost to owners.

Free workshops will be run at DDCB and children with any kind of disability will be invited to attend (max 4 children at a time).

There will be volunteer health professionals (doctors, nurses, OTs) available to assist as well as DDCB staff to supervise the dogs.

What is Pet Therapy?

Pet therapy or animal-assisted therapy is the use of dogs or other animals to help people recover from or better cope with health problems.

Animal-assisted therapy can significantly reduce pain, anxiety, depression & fatigue & improve quality of life for children and their family members.

Currently pet therapy is used for inpatients at the children’s hospital but there is no provider for this in the community.

Some organisations will train family dogs but minimum cost is around $5000
Assistance dogs cost >$20,000 for a family & then running costs

Connect with Little Lives

Little Lives Target

$20,000 over 2 years!

Our First Pet Therapy Dogs!

Charlie - 2 yr old Kelpie ex rescue

Charlie’s breed mix is exceptionally responsive to training making her well suited to this project- she is very obedient and knows how to focus!

Olli - 19mnths miniature labradoodle

The baby of the bunch, Olli is fun, playful yet knows how to be gentle & receptive to kids. He is ready to learn lots & ideal for this project!

Mouse - 12yr old cocker spaniel

Mouse has mothered 17 pups of her own! Mouse is mother hen to all new dogs at
DDCB! She is patient, gentle and can understand the energy of those nearby

What do families think about this pet therapy program? 

This sounds like an awesome idea and everyone I have spoken to about it has loved the ideal also! Brilliant!

My son who has autism and has difficulty with his emotional regulation would hugely benefit from this project. Unfortunately due to our living arrangements we are unable to get a dog for him

Well done for looking to set up such a worthwhile idea

Brilliant Therapy! All the best!

Well done for looking to set up such a worthwhile idea

Doggy Day Care Brisbane (DDCB): The Team

Kaz Kelly is the owner & director of DDCB- a place for city dogs to be safe, to learn, to build new skills and make new fur friends!

Kaz has been a detector dog handler at BNE airport and has completed training in animal behavior, first aid, positive reinforcement, safe handling and enrichment

Kaz has extensive knowledge of the role of assistance animals and believes this project can change the lives of children, families and the dogs involved

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