Our Board and Patrons

Our Board

Dr. Jasneek Chawla - President

Jas is a Paediatric Respiratory and Sleep Medicine Specialist who has worked in Brisbane for the last 3 years. She has worked in paediatrics for 12 years and has held posts at major children’s hospitals in the UK, Canada and Australia, as well as undertaking voluntary work at Gertrude’s Garden Children’s Hospital, Kenya during her training. She has forged strong links with these and other organisations, providing the means for Little Lives to work collaboratively within Australia and Internationally to focus on those children most in need.

Jas provides the inspiration behind Little Lives. Influenced by her ethnicity and childhood experiences, visiting Africa and India, she is motivated to use her medical knowledge in more than just her day-to-day work. Her mission is to ensure that Little Lives focuses on its main goal at all times: to help those children with medical needs, who may not be foremost in the mind of other organisations.

Jas successfully established and managed Little Lives as a registered Scottish charity in 2007, raising money for children’s health causes within Scotland and overseas. Using this experience together with her clinical skills, Jas leads the energetic, professional Little Lives team, making the most of each individual’s expertise, to ensure the charity is effective, resourceful and remains dedicated to its mission. Jas’s enthusiasm for every aspect of this charity speaks volumes about the importance of Little Lives to her both professionally and personally.

Mr. Nigel Hough - Vice President

Nigel is a Project Manager and Principal Process Engineer with GPA Engineering in Brisbane. He has 19 years of experience as an engineer in the energy industry, working both in Australia with GPA Engineering and Woodside Energy Ltd as well as in the Netherlands with Shell International.

Nigel’s engineering career has spanned a wide range of roles, including engineering design and gas facility operations. He also consults in risk management.

In his role as Vice President of Little Lives, Nigel uses his project and risk management skills to guide the operations of the charity. He is focussed on ensuring that charitable donations are used efficiently and that they reach those with the greatest need. Nigel focuses on ensuring efficient administration of the charity so that maximum effort can be dedicated to achieving the charity’s objectives.

Mr. Dean Williams - Secretary

Dean is Secretary of Little Lives. He has 14 years’ experience working around the world for oil and gas companies like Shell and BG Group. He is an expert in project management having worked on some of the world’s most complex energy projects. In recent years, Dean has worked as a consultant for KPMG, Origin and Senex Energy.

Dean is passionate about children’s health and looking after those children who, through no fault of their own, have somehow fallen between the gaps of government and other charitable organisations. His mission is to make Little Lives the most effective charity it can be. He believes that by applying best practice business and project management Little Lives can provide far greater outcomes to those it supports given the resources it has.

Dean’s role at Little Lives is to work with the members and other directors to put in place the structures and systems to coordinate the organisation, its activities and communications. His engineering background guides him to look for those practical solutions that tie-back to the fundamental goals of Little Lives. A naturally outgoing person, his Little Lives’ colleagues sometimes wonder whether he could talk under water.

Ms. Samantha Priddey - Treasurer

Sam is a Certified Practising Accountant (CPA) with 14 years' experience between public practice, private companies and currently an ASX listed business. With a focus on financial operational management in customer focused, retail environments, she has experience in balancing financial administration with operational objectives and long term strategy integration.

As the treasurer of Little Lives, Sam manages the financial and compliance aspects of the charity and ensures financial effectiveness in the administration of the charity. Also having experience in large corporate business, her experience helps bring big business principals and thinking to Little Lives.

While not a parent herself, she has always had a soft spot for children in need and her role as Treasurer allows her experience and personal passion to combine to help children most in need.

Ms. Chloe Parsley - Public Relations Officer

Chloe has worked for over 10 years as a scientist in paediatric respiratory and sleep medicine and prior to that as an electrical engineer for Mitsubishi Electric, Japan. Chloe has been an executive member of Australasian Sleep Technologists Association (ASTA) for 8 years, co-ordinating events, website, national conferences and meetings for the association. Chloe also worked as a volunteer in Laos for a year at a local daycare centre.

Chloe believes everyone should be given the best chance in life, whether it be through improved health, education, or both. Little lives focus on these aspects to impact a child’s life (and their family) to make a real difference!

Chloe’s experience in managing events and memberships for a professional organisation aid the charity to reach supporters and raise much needed funds for the little lives it will impact. Chloe likes to engage with people, hear their heart and passion. Chloe loves interacting with kids, too (a big kid at heart), and is an aunt to 15 nephews and nieces, a sponsor child and two god-daughters.

Our Patrons

Ms. Donna Mason

Donna Mason is an experienced Clinical Nurse who has spent the last 28 years caring for paediatric patients and their families. With three healthy sons of her own, she understands the difficulties faced by families and the support necessary when a child becomes ill.

Donna currently works as a Clinical Respiratory Nurse in Brisbane. In this role she encounters patients on a daily basis, who have a variety of complex medical conditions, including those with life-limiting conditions. Her strength is in providing holistic care, advocating for patients and their families from all socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds; ensuring they are heard, involved and supported at all times.

Donna brings to Little Lives the expertise to identify the key challenges faced by children affected with chronic illness. She has worked extensively with sick children and their families, looking after them both in hospital and home environments. From these experiences she has a unique insight into the lives of those most in need as well as a sound understanding of the existing gaps in healthcare provision. Donna is a dedicated carer and is committed to providing the best treatment and support for both child and family.

Donna is delighted to now apply her dedication and knowledge to her role as patron of Little Lives, guiding the charity’s activities and fostering her own passion for improving the lives of children in Australia and abroad. She is compassionate, thoughtful and above all motivated to make a difference.

Dr. Ian Robertson

Until his recent retirement, Ian was a consultant paediatrician in Brisbane for 40 years. In addition to his private general paediatric practice, Ian worked at the Mater Childrens and Mater Mothers Hospitals, with special interests in the newborn, respiratory illness and Cystic Fibrosis. He started the Respiratory Unit and Cystic Fibrosis Unit at the Mater Childrens in 1970, and continued his clinical involvement in those expanding units until his retirement in 2014.

In recent years, a large part of his caseload involved the care of children with chronic illness and disability, which reinforced his belief that, even in our advanced medical care structures, there are children and families whose needs are not being met. Recent retirement and travel has given Ian the chance to see, at first hand, medically disadvantaged children in developing countries. He hopes that working with the enthusiastic and motivated group at Little Lives will give everyone a chance to address some of those needs.